Date Published: 08/03/2022 8:52 AM

With summertime officially in full swing, many are getting out to local bodies of water to enjoy swimming, float tubing or other marine activities. While being on inflatable float tubes can be a great way to relax and keep yourself somewhat cool, it just isn’t the same as relaxing with all of your friends, family or loved ones on the same water vessel.

Dubbed the “Fluzzle Tube 4.0,” these inflatable float tubes fit together like puzzle pieces, so you can connect with your friends while you float — without having to fear the abandonment of floating away in separate inner tubes.

Each of these inflatable interlocking tubes includes a comfortable backrest, as well as two cup holders and a rugged mesh bottom so you won’t sink through. They also have two connecting and receiving links each so that a single tube can connect to up to four other float tubes or accessories.

The interlocking float tubes are made from a 6P-free, environmentally safe 16-gauge vinyl material. These connecting inner tubes are also super durable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them popping, so long as they’re used as intended.

These connecting inner tubes also have convenient handles that make them easy to carry when heading to or from the body of water.

Additionally, they have a quick-release air valve that makes deflation super easy when it’s time to head home.

The interlocking cooler float tube will really up your floating party game, giving you tons more space for drinks, snacks and other refrigerated needs than you can get with the cupholders alone.

You can also find an array of colorful Fluzzle Tube float tubes on the company’s web store, including tie-dye, U.S. flag and orange-colored options for floating.

The Fluzzle Tube interlocking floating cooler has a total volume of 46 quarts, making it large enough to hold more than a few goodies. It also has a removable lid that latches on using Velcro to keep your items cold and safe from the sun.

It also comes with two convenient handles and four expandable cup holders to give your party crew even more options for holding beverages.

While these puzzle-shaped floaties don’t have a ton of reviews on Amazon, yet, the few that they do have are recent and positive, emphasizing how they can be used with several people — without needing to fear that a rowdy party could pop them.

In one five-star review of the puzzle-shaped float tubes titled “Sturdy and fun,” Dental Wife wrote, “This raft is the bomb. So sturdy and fun. We connected 6 tubes together and loved it.”

Each interlocking float comes with multiple cupholders, so you'll definitely be set for drinks while lounging in the tube!

Instead of having everyone randomly floating down a river separately, theses interlocking tubes connect like puzzle pieces to form one big raft for everyone to have fun together on the water!

If you’re someone who spends a lot of summer on the water (or heck, even just a little bit of time), these interlocking inflatable float tubes are an excellent option for your next outing.

Bring your friends to the lake, pool or another body of water for a relaxing float, and you can all connect to each other on your new connecting float tubes — both literally and figuratively.

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August 05, 2022 — Fluzzle Team

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