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Fluzzle Tube is excited to share an exclusive value bundle with QVC/HSN on Wednesday July 28th at 2pm EST. Fluzzle Tube will be featured LIVE on “Bright Ideas with Carolyn” on QVC’s main channel as well as streaming online at This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first to own a unique and fun product solution for your family and friends. This quality made value bundle will bring convenience and joy to your float time on the lake, river, ocean or pool.

Fluzzle Tube means “Floating Puzzle Shaped Tube” and is the new product solution for staying connected on a lake, river, ocean or in your pool. The unique interlocking design and rainbow of colors are allowing friends and family to reconnect and have fun without the fuss or ropes. The Fluzzle Tube 3.0 comes with a durable mesh bottom, backrest, 2 durable handles and 2 cup holders for hours of fun on the water.

QVC and HSN form one of the world’s largest video commerce platforms, reaching more than 90 million homes in the U.S. (380 million worldwide) via broadcast channels and millions more via streaming, web, mobile, and social platforms. As the pioneers of video storytelling, QVC and HSN offer vendors the platforms and tools to build relationships with an engaged community of digitally savvy shoppers. The Big Find builds on QVC and HSN’s foundation of launching and fostering the growth of some of today’s most and loyal customer community-building.

“The Big Find offers entrepreneurs a platform to share their stories and bring their products to life,” said Mary Campbell, Chief Merchandising Officer, Qurate Retail Group, and Chief Commerce Officer, QVC US. “We were amazed and inspired by all of the unique and innovative brands we had the privilege of meeting with during our product search and now we are excited to start introducing them to our customers across all of our platforms. We are committed to always bringing our customers new discoveries and a differentiated product assortment.”

For additional information on FLUZZLE TUBE or INNOVATIVE WATER PRODUCTS, please visit http://www.FLUZZLETUBE.COM. To learn more about The Big Find and future opportunities, visit and

Salana whitehead
Salana whitehead

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Fluzzle Tube Earns Praise from Water Safety Professionals
Fluzzle Tube Earns Praise from Water Safety Professionals

November 03, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Fluzzle Tube Earns Praise from Water Safety Professionals

At Fluzzle Tube, we set out to create a unique way to float and enjoy time on the water, from rivers and lakes to private pools, while enjoying a close connection with your fellow floaters. We didn't neglect to think about the little ones when we designed the Fluzzle Tube, and we're proud to say that we recently received recognition on Instagram from the CAST Water Safety Foundation.