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Float The Bull River 2019

2019 marks the 17th year of the Float the Bull River event put on by 93.7 The Bull Thousands of people take part every year and the 17th Annual Bull Float Trip will be taking over Ozark Outdoors again on August 23 and 24 for two massive nights of concerts and one big float! We are excited to sponsor this year’s float and encourage you and your gang to grab some Fluzzle Tubes for this years floating trip. Take advantage of special Bundle Deals: at our shop page and bring your own way to connect to this year’s Float the Bull Trip. There are packages available through Ozark Outdoors, but remember, nothing beats having your own Fluzzle Tube for...

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River Tubing Tips

Besides the obvious needs of having your Fluzzle Tubes and accessories ready to inflate when you get to the river. (Remember to bring an air pump, if it is electric make sure it runs on battery or has a car adaptor plug.)  We have compiled a list of things you will need when floating down the river. Now some of these tips can be used for floating in lakes, but for the most part are primarily used for the unique features and long floating trips down the river.  1. River Shoes: Make sure you use waterproof closed toed shoes or sandals that attach to your feet securely. This will ensure that you don’t lose your footwear or cut your feet...

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