At Fluzzle Tube, we set out to create a unique way to float and enjoy time on the water, from rivers and lakes to private pools, while enjoying a close connection with your fellow floaters. We didn't neglect to think about the little ones when we designed the Fluzzle Tube 3.0, and we're proud to say that we recently received recognition on Instagram from the CAST Water Safety Foundation.

Featuring Fluzzle Tube in their Instagram story, CAST praised our products for promoting better safety in the water and avoiding many of the problems common to other floats marketed at families. We're excited to earn this recognition and to contribute to efforts by CAST to improve peace of mind for families venturing into the water with their children.


What is CAST Water Safety? What is Their Mission?

CAST Water Safety primarily focuses on providing ISR training, which stands for "infant swimming resource." These aren't your typical swim lessons — instead, they focus on providing even very young children with an innate set of skills to use for self-rescuing in the water. Accidental drowning is a leading cause of death for young children, and it is CAST's mission to ensure that little ones understand how to save themselves and float in the water.

With a gentle and compassionate approach to teaching, CAST Water Safety instructors teach these important skills to children in just ten minutes a day over six to eight weeks. With occasional refreshers, parents can place more trust in a child's ability to self-rescue and swim safely without relying on bad habits created by some kinds of floats.


Why CAST Water Safety Loves Fluzzle Tubes

With such a clear focus on keeping everyone happy and safe on the water, it is an honor for CAST to feature Fluzzle Tube on their page. Calling it a "great test run," CAST Water Safety Foundation users found the Fluzzle Tube 3.0 to provide numerous advantages over typical floating options. These included:

  • The mesh bottom on the Fluzzle Tube 3.0, which CAST says helps prevent children from learning poor swimming posture. Vertical posturing, as you'll find with "water wings" and other float devices, does not encourage self-rescuing behavior and provides young children with an incorrect understanding of how to breathe in the water. With our mesh bottom, young swimmers can enjoy being on the water without learning improper swimming techniques.
  • Fluzzle Tubes enable "eyes on" and "arms reach" supervision, according to CAST. Connect tubes together and it's simple to stay in close contact with your child. You can continue to supervise visually while still reaching your children if something goes wrong. Combined with ISR training, it is a safer way to float.


Find Your Fluzzle Tube Today

Designed to be fun for people of all ages, we love seeing families with young children embracing and finding the Fluzzle Tube enjoyable and easy to use. With strong, three-point connectors and the mesh bottom, it not only earns high marks from safety-minded groups such as CAST, but from the average user, too. See which one is right for your next adventure with the kids!


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