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The OG Water Recommendations: Suitable for; Pools, Lazy Rivers, Medium Floats, & Lakes.

The Lounger Water Recommendations: Suitable for; Pools, Lazy to Medium Rivers, Long Floats, & Lakes.

The River Pro Series Water Recommendations: Suitable for; Pools, Lazy to Rough Rivers, Long Floats, & Lakes.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"These are by far my favorite tubes. They also fit perfectly in my pool! My dog even loves them!"
— Abby D.
Customer reviews
"We took these to a lake on our last camping trip. They are perfect and versatile floats. It's nice to be able to attach to your friend or spouse on large bodies of water because you never know where the current will take you!"
— Andrew
Customer reviews
"I couldn't say enough about this company, from the start of our order, we ordered 11 Fluzzles. They have been so friendly and have made it easy to order a large amount. I'd recommend to anyone who's looking for a great tube to spend some time drinking and chatting. The cup holders fit a can of Koozie. Very comfortable and cute as can be."
— Nicole H.
Customer reviews
"My family and I have enjoyed the Fluzzle Tubes so much! We have taken them to Navajo Lake in New Mexico twice now and have had so much fun with them!"
— Lauren I.
Customer reviews
"We had a great time floating...The tubes are great quality, easy to inflate and easy to deflate for storage. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver from shore to water. The entire process from purchasing to shipping was enjoyable and flawless."
— Natalie