There are several tools to promote our affiliate products and receive a commission. These tools include: Unique a affiliate link, coupon code, qr code, and banners.


You can find your unique affiliate link on the left hand side of the Affiliate Dashboard Homepage. Copy and paste this link anywhere you would like to promote our products. All clicks and sales will be tracked with commissions awarded to you after sales are made.

Product Links

It is possible for you create an affiliate link directly to any product or page from our site. Go to the Marketing Tools tab under the Affiliate Dashboard. Copy and paste the page or product url into the field at the right side of the page. Your affiliate link will be generated on the right side of the page. Copy and paste the generated url anywhere you want to promote our products.This link will lead directly to the chosen page. All clicks and sales will be tracked with commission awarded to you after sales are made. 

There are also social media share buttons and a qr code generator option directly under the newly generated url.

You can click the Save under the generated link. Then you will have this link saved for the future.


Customizing Your Referral Link Code

It is possible to customize the referral link code for your link. Go to the Settings tab of the Affiliate Dashboard. Half way down the page you will find the Referral Code field. In this field you can enter a new link code. *Make sure to update all previous referral links you have posted. Your old referral link will not work if you create a new custom referral link code.


QR Code

The affiliate qr code can be found directly under your referral link located on the Home Page of the Affiliate Dashboard. Click on the small QR code emblem to open up the QR code Download option.When scanned, the QR code will lead users to the home page. Any traffic or sales will be tracked and your affiliate commission rewarded after a sale is made. QR codes are great for advertising with flyers or videos.



Your affiliate banners can be found in the Market Tools tab of your affiliate dashboard. You can copy and paste the banner code onto suitable areas of your website. The banner code will display the banner image and auto hyperlink to your affiliate link. Any clicks or sales that come through you unique link will be tracked and affiliate commissions awarded to you.

Scroll down to the affiliate banner with the style and size that fits your needs. Click on the three dots in the right hand corner under the banner you want to use. This will reveal a drop down menu where you can either copy the html, download the file, or click to share on social media. Copy and paste the HTML code onto your website page, blog post, footer, side bar or other area. The chosen banner image will be displayed and affiliate sales tracked. Google how to add banner code to your exact type of website(example: Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, etc

Coupon Code

You can find your own unique coupon code on the right side of the Affiliate Dashboard Homepage tab. You can share this coupon code and any sales that use your coupon code will award you with a commission. The person using the coupon code will receive a set discount at purchase. (Coupon code discount may vary overtime.)



You need to add you Paypal email address to the Affiliate Dashboard. Click on the Payments tab of the Affiliate Dashboard. Then click on the blue Setup button on the top right of the page. 

Add your Paypal email address to the the open field then click the blue Submit button.

Tax Forms

Make sure to fill out the W9 Tax Form in the Affiliate Dashboard under the Settings tab. Your W9 Tax Form has to be completed in order for you to be paid.

Feel free to message us if you need any technical support