Reggae Down The River With Urban Diversion

If you are unaware of Urban Diversion, well then it is time to get in the know if you live in the bay area. Urban Diversion is based out of San Francisco and offers unique outdoor adventures for its members. They also offer a variety of services focused on getting urban dwellers out of the city and into nature.

We found out that they do a floating trip every year called Raggae Down The River which is an entire day to relax. hike, and tube while taking in the sun and sights. The group convenes on a beach of the Russian River and shuttles members up the river with tubes to enjoy a day of floating bliss.

This year’s event takes place this Saturday 8/11/19 and includes the following:

  • A tube (You are welcome to bring your own!)
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Non Alcoholic Beverages
  • Lots of Fun with your UD members and host

Members should and are also welcome to bring:

  • Swimsuits and outdoor clothes for the day
  • PFD or life jacket if you feel it’s needed…. it is NOT required on the river, but recommended if you are drinking
  • Two pairs of shoes. Recommended:  Water shoes, Teva’s or tennis shoes are a good idea to bring.  
  • Towel, sunblocks, WATER for yourself! 
  • A water gun/super so is always a good idea.
  • BYOB (beverage to share)
  • Great attitude, good vibes

Memberships start at $7.99 a month with limited access to events and range up to $99 per month for unlimited access. Check it out for yourself, and as always have fun floating down the river.

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