Have you ever gone to the river and realized you’ve forgotten your new beach towel? Here is a checklist to always go over before you walk out the door.

1. Best Water Bottle

This is obviously a BIG one, but so many people forget. Whether its because they thought they could survive on beer alone or they simply left their bottle on the kitchen counter, many people end up leaving early because they get too thirsty, or they end up in the hospital from dehydration.

Best Water Bottle to Buy – You definitely want to invest in a good vacuum sealed water bottle if you plan on keeping your beverage cold. The vacuum sealed bottles are large because there is space between the outside and inside metals which means the heat can’t transfer from outside in or inside out. Also make sure you buy a stainless steel bottle (can be painted on the outside) in order to remove all cancer risks caused from phthalates that are used to create plastic bottles.

Our Favorite – Hydro Flask 40oz – Click

2. Best Beach Towel

I’m not sure if it’s a guy thing, but I never want to bring a towel when I go to the beach, lake or river. However, when I get out of the water and all my friends are drying off with their towels, I get jealous. Eventually someone asks, “do you want to use my towel?” Of course I say yes. I don’t want to be standing there soaking wet looking like an idiot, but It makes me feel like a mooch. Also when my friends lay out their towels, lay down and get some sun, I end up laying on the sand. Not smart. BRING A TOWEL!

Best Beach Towel to Buy – No one needs a giant towel for everyday bathing, but when you are buying a beach towel, get a HUGE one. Three reasons for this, one your friends will forget their towels and need to share, two you will use it more than once, and three when you lay it out and lay on it, it’s much more comfortable to lay on something that you’re not worried about stretching over the edge of.

Our Pick – Dock and Bay Microfiber Towel

3. Best Sunscreen

The truth is global warming is happening. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is rising dramatically. Carbon acts as a mirror on sun rays. The amount of rays that used to escape, is much less! Those rays are beating down on you. The amount of rays you are getting today compared to when you were a child, is a damaging amount. So you have two options, stay out of the sun, or get a higher SPF sunscreen.

Best Sunscreen to Buy – We believe in high SPF. Tanning, any amount of it is damaging to your cells. Also, after the age of 30 the benefits of vitamin D you get from the sun are outweighed by the damage you also get from the sun. Get your vitamin D from supplements or food. It’s easy

Our Pick – EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 for Sensitive or Acne-Prone Skin, Oil-free, Dermatologist-Recommended Mineral-Based Zinc Oxide Formula

4. Best Ice Chest

Similar to the towel conundrum, being the only person who didn’t bring food is a terrible feeling. You’re friends eating will make you even more hungry, and of course they will offer you food and you’ll be a mooch once again. Be the person who has the ice chest, the food, and the drinks. You’ll make more friends

Best Ice Chest to Buy – Get a hard case ice chest. The reason for this is you will use it more because it’s easier to keep clean. Soft ice chests have creases and zippers. Food, soda, gunk gets stuck in these cracks unless you really get in there and clean thoroughly. Hard Ice chest are great because they are smooth open surfaces. All they require is a quick spray down with a hose.

Our Pick – Igloo Profile 16 Quart Cooler

5. Best River Tubes

Best River Floatie to Buy – When it comes to river tubes, the difference is vinyl thickness. How many times have you paid $25 for a river tube and you use it once and it pops. The best gauge for a river tube is 16 gauge. It’s very thick and can withstand rocks, twigs, dogs, etc. How many times have you have to find ropes or bungees to keep you and your friends together as you float down the river? Get a tube that interlocks, no ropes needed!

Our Pick – Fluzzle Tube River Tubes – Pool Floaties

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