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January 07, 2020 3 min read

Besides the obvious needs of having your Fluzzle Tubes and accessories ready to inflate when you get to the river. (Remember to bring an air pump, if it is electric make sure it runs on battery or has a car adaptor plug.)  We have compiled a list of things you will need when floating down the river. Now some of these tips can be used for floating in lakes, but for the most part are primarily used for the unique features and long floating trips down the river. 

1. River Shoes: Make sure you use waterproof closed toed shoes or sandals that attach to your feet securely. This will ensure that you don’t lose your footwear or cut your feet on rock and other debris that is in the river. (Don’t litter and keep our rivers safe and clean) 

2. Sun Screen or Sun Block: Make sure you apply plenty of sunblock before and during your floating adventure, nothing is worse than a severe sunburn that makes you second guess your decision to float down the river.

3. Hat, Visor, & Sunglasses: Optional for some, but others may see these accessories as mandatory, if you are going to bring sunglasses or prescription eyewear make sure your get yourself some “croakies” you know the things that attach to your eyewear to keep them on your head. 

4. Plastic Watertight Container: This is typically a small container that you want to access during your trip for any small things you may want to keep dry and accessible. Also a good idea to throw your wallet or money into this type of container before you put it in your dry bag.

5. Dry Bag: Having extra clothes and towels at the end of your trip are extremely nice to have and make for a much more enjoyable ride home or back to your vehicle. Also throwing a few granola bars or small snacks in here is a good idea for long trips.

6. Waterproof phone sleeve: Realistically, you should really leave your phone in the car or in your dry bag, but if you find it a must to have it out on the water and want to take pictures during your trip, go ahead and save yourself with a waterproof phone sleeve, inexpensive way to protect your phone.

7. Ice:  Most of us bring beverages to enjoy on the river and on a hot day, you don’t want to be drinking warm soda, beer, juice, or really anything. Make sure you grab ice and throw it in a cooler that you are going to take down the river.

8. Water: Lots of people forget that water is key and as your soaking it in floating down the river, it is not actually hydrating you. Water will help you feel better and stay hydrated.

9. Beverages: Check river guidelines and rules on alcoholic beverages, but a good rule of thumb is to only bring cans for your beverage of choice. Also pack out what you pack in, make sure your cans go back in your cooler and not in the river. (Don’t litter and keep our rivers safe and clean) 

10: Waterproof Speaker: This may seem optional to the novice, but this is key for floating in style and keeping the mood just right. Having some tunes while floating can really make your float down the river much more enjoyable.

Food: This is optional and hard to take on the river with you unless you have some elaborate system to keep things dry or not get smashed in your dry bag. We think that less is better really, so on this tip, we suggest eating before you get on the river, regardless of the time of day, you should make sure to eat before getting on the river. 

Clark Whitehead
Clark Whitehead

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