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About Us.

From our family to yours, our mission is to connect friends and family on the water with innovative and non-toxic products.

Our Mission.

Providing a safe, easy, and non-toxic alternative.

“We couldn’t let our family use lead based tubes for our yearly floats. So we created our own.”

Our best selling item, the Fluzzle Tube was invented to fill a large niche in that inflatable market, connectivity. Fluzzle Tube the floating puzzle tube is an interlocking puzzle shaped innertube for water recreation.

What makes the Fluzzle Tube so unique is its ability to connect without the use of ropes or straps. There are endless ways to interlock on the water, and no limit to how many tubes you can connect together.

How it all started

"I choose to believe anything is possible instead of knowing what is and isn't."

We contacted over 100 different manufacturers to find one that had 6p phthalate free material.

Our family ventured to Lake Berryessa almost every weekend. If we weren’t there we were floating down the Russian River in Guerneville, or floating down the ice cold creeks in Auburn CA. We always had to find some rope to keep us together. This idea came natural to us, and we thought we should share it with our fellow floaters.

Our Quality Control

We pay close attention to the manufacturing process of our tubes and make sure they are made to withstand the harshest environments. Mainly because we want to protect the environment. We don’t want tubes popping and then people leaving them in the water, so we make them so they don’t pop.

The A Team

Meet the experts

We’re not experts. We’re just a group of people who believe we can transform tubing from a leisure activity into a lifestyle.   We have two missions, not die from lead induced cancer while tubing, and show the world that there is more fun to be had in nature with your friends than inside on your phone.


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